Genil y Ronda

Genil and Ronda

This pleasant area is only a few minutes from the city centre and boasts one of the broadest ranges of cultural and scientific attractions in Europe.

The banks of the river Genil are an invitation to stroll under the leafy trees and wander through the street markets lining the boulevards. The Science Park Museum, one of the most important science museums in Spain, and the CajaGranada Museum, an interactive space dedicated to the history of Andalusia, are outstanding.

The highlights in the Ronda neighbourhood are the Garcia Lorca park, together with Huerta San Vicente, the house museum of Federico García Lorca, the great poet and dramaturgist.

CajaGranada Museum
The building is the work of the architect Alberto Campo Baeza, who is also the author of the Caja Granada cube. Taking inspiration from the penguin...
Garcia Lorca park
It takes in an area of 80,000 square metres. It was inaugurated on 10 May 1995, following a long project phase that commenced in 1984 with the...
Huerta de San Vicente
The summer house of the García Lorca family, purchased in 1925, and so-called in other of the mother of the family, Vicenta. It was previously...
Palace of Alcázar del Genil
The complex was constructed at the behest of the Almohad ruler of Granada, Sayyid Ishad ben Yusuf. Located one kilometre away from the Moorish city,...
Quinta de la Alegre Gardens
The building was designed in the 1920s for the Rodríguez-Acosta family, an important line of bankers and artists from Granada, by José Felipe Giménez...
Science Park Museum
Icono Granadatur
The Science Park is a scientific centre and museum covering 70,000 square metres, a few minutes'' walk from the historic centre of Granada. Since it...

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