It is hardly surprising that UNESCO declared the Albaicín World Cultural Heritage in 1994, because the charm of the neighbourhood's lovely narrow streets and traditional houses is unrivalled. They have also preserved a popular, hospitable atmosphere for hundreds of years.

The best way to explore the Albaicín is to start your tour in the House of Zafra Visitor's Centre and then just wander through the neighbourhood. In the Albaicín (also spelled Albayzin or Albaycín) you can breathe in the essence of a neighbourhood that evokes the architecture of the Arabs and also of other ancient Mediterranean cities. Much of its charm resides in the cármenes (traditional houses with interior orchards and gardens) and the steep hills that lead to stunning miradores (viewpoints), such as the < strong>Mirador of San Nicolás.  

You will find further information on the Albaicín on the Agencia Albaicín website.

Aljibe del Rey
In view of its architectural style and location, it is believed that the cistern known as the Aljibe del Rey or Aljibe Viejo was built during the...
Carmen de la Victoria
Its origin can be traced back to the upper vegetable gardens of the Mínimos de la Victoria Convent, which has now disappeared. In 1574, Father...
Carmen of Max Moreau
This building was the residence of the Belgian artist Max Léon Moreau, who, having spent more than thirty years in the city, upon his death in 1992,...
Casa del Chapiz - School of Arabic Studies
Icono Granadatur
This refers to two Moorish houses that date back to the 14th century. Their architecture and decoration present both Moorish and Christian elements...
Church of La Aurora and San Miguel Bajo
In was constructed over an old mosque of which only the Nasrid cistern, dating back to the 13th century, remains. Featuring a double-arch façade and...
Church of San Cristóbal
The austere Gothic style evidences the first stage of Mudéjar style of Granada. It was the first church in the city to be built over a mosque. The...
Church of San Juan de los Reyes
Originally a mosque used by Christian converts at the beginning of the 13th century, it was the first place consecrated as a church by the Catholic...

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