Alhambra and surrounding area

The Alhambra complex is the world's most spectacular Arab citadel and the symbol of Granada. It comprises several visitable areas: the Alcazaba, a citadel with a watchtower; the Palace of Charles V, a Christian building that houses the Fine Arts Museum; the Generalife, a leisure residence and gardens; and the Nasrid Palaces, the heart of the Alhambra and home of the sultans.

Other monuments and attractions on the hill and forest of the Alhambra are also worth a visit: the Carmen de los Mártires, one of the most romantic gardens in Granada; and the Rodriguez-Acosta Foundation, declared a national monument for its architecture and gardens.

You will find information on the various areas of the Alhambra and other nearby monuments in this section. Click here for information on the Alhambra and Generalife Monument Complex.

Alcazaba Ciudad granada en Alhambra
Alcazaba, the Old Citadel
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The Alcazaba of the Alhambra, or citadel, along with the towers known as the Torres Bermejas, is the oldest part of the complex of monuments, and...
El carmen de los Mártires, escenario perfecto para celebraciones
Carmen de los Mártires
On the hill of Sabika, in the environs of the Alhambra, we find a magnificent stately home overlooking the entire city, the sierra and the...
Fine Arts Museum
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Located inside the magnificent Palace of Charles V, the Museum of Fine Arts of Granada houses a splendid collection of artistic pieces. The museum,...
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The Generalife served as a rest area of the kings of Granada and agricultural land. Dating back to the end of the 13th century, attention should be...
Museum of the Alhambra
The Museum of the Alhambra, located on the ground floor of the Palace of Charles V, houses an interesting collection of artistic pieces dating back...
Nasrid Palaces
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The habitual residence of the kings of Granada, their construction began at the beginning of the 14th century. The Nasrid Palaces are a palatial...
Palace of Charles V
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In 1526, Charles V —king of Spain and emperor of Alemania— visited Spain during his honeymoon. When he came, he was so amazed that he chose Granada...

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